Want to find the perfect shot but end up with too many photos? Qupiq is here to help

No sign ups. No logins. No profile creations! Ultra fast and accurate algorithm runs on your device, with no internet connection required! No photos or user content ever leaves your phone! New photos are quickly scanned for similar photos as you keep clicking!


Qupiq is here to help!
What It Does!

Qupiq automatically finds and groups your visually similar and duplicate photos in a matter of seconds and instantly lets you choose the best photos through an easy-to-use interface. Be it your selfies, your trip pics, a groupies with the girls or a scenic photoshoot! You can seamlessly find the best photos to keep and the not-so-perfect ones to delete. This not only saves you your mind space and time but helps you keep your phone clutter free by removing unwanted photos.

  • Easily compare your gallery photos with each other in our split-screen mode.

  • Quickly jump to the next group of visually similar looking photos in your photo stream.

  • Conveniently delete your not-so-perfect photos by a simple swipe down.

  • Instantly share your favorite photos to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat etc directly from homescreen.