March 27, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qupiq?

Qupiq is a similar photo manager app which helps users select the best photos by comparison and delete unwanted ones among duplicate and similar pictures in users’ gallery.

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How does Qupiq work?

Qupiq scans each and every photo in your phone gallery and uses a Visual Search Engine to detect similarity and duplicacy among your photos.

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How is Qupiq different from other photo remover apps?

Qupiq has the following benefits over other similar apps:

-It detects photos with similar visual context

-No sign-ups, no logins and no social profile creation required.
-It’s ultra-fast and accurate algorithm runs on your device, without an internet connection.
-No photos or user content ever leave your phone.
-New photos in the gallery are quickly scanned for similarity as you keep clicking.

Last but not the least:
-It’s less than 4 Mb in size.
-Free with unlimited usage.
-No Ads. (We hate ads too!)

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How to share a photo from Qupiq?

Open any photo from Qupiq that you want to share. Tap on the small share button on the top right of the picture. This will open the share menu, which will provide options to share your selected photo on other social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Gmail etc.

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How many maximum pictures can Qupiq scan?

It scans all the pictures that you have in your Camera folder on your phone gallery.

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What sort of photos can be considered similar?

Visually similar looking photos clicked in a series will be grouped together at the bottom of the app.

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Why should we use a Duplicate Deleting App on Android?

A duplicate deleting app scans and deletes all types of duplicate photos on your Android device. This will help you free up your storage space and help the ones facing low storage warnings in their gallery.

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Are duplicate and similar photos deleted permanently?

No, they are not permanently deleted. We can restore them by swiping the arrow on right side of the main screen towards left that takes you to Trash, where you could find all your deleted pictures.

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Is Qupiq available on Android?

Yes, it is available. Please download from Google Play Store using this link: .

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Is it possible to search duplicates by name?

No, it’s not possible to search duplicates by name but you have a panel in the bottom of the app where you will find all your duplicate and similar looking pictures that are auto-grouped, helping you scan similar pictures and delete duplicates pictures.

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How many photos can be stored in Trash for Qupiq app?

By default, 999 photos are stored in the Trash, but you can always change this setting and increase or decrease the number. Trash size is only limited by your phone memory.

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Is Qupiq available on both Android and iOS?

Yes, it is available on Android and we are working hard on getting it on iOS. Stay tuned!

For Android users, you can download the app from the link below:

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How to recover deleted pictures?

It is easy to recover deleted pictures. A small arrow is visible on the right side of the main screen, just swipe it left to go to Trash where you would find all your deleted pictures. Tap to select the pictures that you want to recover and press the Restore button.

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Can we restore deleted photos?

Yes, the deleted photos can be restored from Trash. Just swipe the arrow on the right side of the main screen towards the left to go to Trash. The first step would be to tap on all the deleted pictures that you would want to restore and second, would be to click on the restore button, helping you recover your deleted photos.

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How to delete an unwanted image ?

You can delete an unwanted image by tap and hold on the image in the app and drag it downwards. However, these images do not get permanently deleted.

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Why am i receiving this ‘unable to delete’ message, while trying to delete photos?

It is likely that you are trying to delete pictures from your SD card, which is not yet supported.  Very soon this feature will also be added in the coming new versions of this app. Please keep Qupiq updated from Play Store.

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